Orders by phone
are accepted from 8pm to 20pm

Orders by phone
are accepted from 8pm to 20pm

Return and exchange

Soft contact lenses are goods of medical purpose and individual use and fall under the category of goods of good quality, not subject to exchange and return (according to the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of January 19, 1998 N 55) according to Art. 25 Of the law on consumer protection of the Russian Federation "the right of the consumer to exchange 

According to the above resolution, you may not exchange or surrender lenses of good quality even if:

  1. The lenses you have purchased are not suitable for you: the optical force or the radius of curvature does not match. Contact lenses are selected by the patient's ophthalmologist, and when buying contact lenses you should have a prescription from a doctor. If the lenses are chosen incorrectly and do not fit, you should contact your doctor (ophthalmologist/ophthalmologist/contactologist).
  2. You wear contact lenses, but have purchased lenses that were not previously worn without the advice of an ophthalmologist and they do not suit You: you feel discomfort, dry eyes, blurred vision. Even if you have been wearing contact lenses of one name for a long time, this does not mean that the lenses of another name and the period of wearing, as well as lenses with Your parameters, but of another manufacturer, will suit you.
  3. The color of the lenses does not meet your expectations. The lenses may not correspond 100% to the photos on the site, as the color of the lenses in the photos depends on the lighting, the color of your monitor/screen and the original color of the eyes. Also, any advice of our consultants are Advisory in nature. 

Subject to exchange or return can only goods of inadequate quality and only within 7 calendar days after receipt by the client.

The goods of inadequate quality is:

  1.  A product that has an obvious external defect (for example: torn edges, poor-quality drawing, mint, etc.));
  2.  Goods with expired shelf life.            

Therefore, before purchasing contact lenses, you should consult an ophthalmologist. This will allow to avoid mistakes in the choice of lenses, as well as get rid of unwanted issues when wearing that may arise due to selection of incorrect settings. Even if you are going to buy lenses without diopters, it is still recommended to consult a specialist in order to identify possible contraindications to wear.

Online store is not responsible for the wrong choice of lenses and the resulting consequences.



If you opened the package with contact lenses and only then found a marriage, exchange and refund is made on the results of the examination.

If you have purchased contact lenses ARE not of GOOD quality, which was established by the examination, we are in accordance with Art. 18-24 Of the law on consumer protection of the Russian Federation "consumer Rights" exchange lenses or return their value. 

Please note that:

  1. Only complete sets of lenses are accepted for examination. For examination will not be accepted dried the lenses and also without packaging. If one of the lenses has already been put on, it must be brought in a container and solution.
  2. Before transferring the lenses for examination, make sure that you put the lenses on the right side, with clean hands, and washed them only with a solution.
  3. Before opening a blister with a lens, it is advisable to make sure that the lens in the blister does not have any inclusions or cuts. If you notice any defects in the lens in the closed blister, it can be exchanged much faster and easier.

Thanks for understanding!

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